Get to know me!

I don’t want to give too much of my story away because it will tie in pretty heavily to the workshop itself!  So, instead I will share random pieces of information about myself!  Pictures inserted for story telling purposes.

– I have been a professional photographer for 9 years.  Did you see the grays in my hair in the main picture? 😀


– I am an animal lover. I have a dog named RIGBY.  His name is an acronym, hence the capitalization.  It stands for “Remember, It Gets Better Ya’ll.”  This is the motto I live my life by.  No obstacle is too great to overcome and there will be better days.  His love really does make me feel better on my worst days so it’s a perfect fit! Here’s my little nugget… he’s quite the photography subject!

– I am an adventurist.  I love to explore the world and lose myself in it.  I take risks and try new things.  I live my life in the moment.  I would rather ask for forgiveness than permission.




– I am sarcastic but also extremely compassionate and nurturing.


– I am kind of obsessed with soft serve yogurt ice cream and all of the delicious fruity toppings!

– I am confident enough to be a plus sized woman and post pictures of myself in a bathing suit.  If we can’t put ourselves out there then we can’t expect our clients to feel confident with us!


– I have been on 32 cruises.  I have one of the most viral cruise photo reviews that exists on the internet!


– I used to be a professional writer.  (More on this in class!)

– I see the entire world in compositions, apertures, shutter speeds and ISO’s.  Everywhere I go, I think of what kind of subject I would shoot there, at what time of day and what they would be wearing.  My mind never stops creating.

– I keep a voice recorder by my bed and in my car so that I can verbally document my ideas because they come to me every time I don’t have the ability to write them down.

– I love to make people laugh.  I can be inappropriate at times but I love laughter.  It’s good for the soul.


– I love challenging others and challenging myself.  If something seems impossible, I try to figure it out like a puzzle and make it possible.  This really helps me to create the kind of art that I want to create.

– I have a strong background in sales and marketing and I was a national, transitional sales trainer when I was younger.  I helped fortune 500 companies increase their profit margins by tearing apart their sales infrastructure and rebuilding it with creative and current techniques.   This skill set has made me comfortable speaking in front of large groups and effectively teaching.

– I have had my photography work published on 14 magazine covers to date.  I have been featured in almost 200 inside pages of printed magazines.  My work has been used on billboards and advertorials for fashion designers and commercial real estate.  I have been featured as an artist in several articles and have been published on countless blog sites.  My maternity work is currently being featured 1-2 times per week on Inspire Fine Art Magazine as well which has been super fun!

– I have seen the world with my many photograph endeavors.  I have been blessed to photograph lavish events, witness births, photograph last moments, capture moments in time and have even gotten to rub elbows with Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities and take their pictures.

John Travolta


Kevin Spacey


Stephen Baldwin


– I am addicted to Netflix and Hulu – I think the world may end if I don’t have a television! 😀

– I am Italian but I was born in North Carolina into a military family.  I now live in Tampa, Florida.

– I was able to pay 1/2 of my brand new car off on the day that I bought it with cash savings.  3 months later, I was able to make a down payment of $50,000 on our house with cash savings.  I am good at making money and also at saving money.  This is important because a mentor needs to actually be successful in their own business in order to effectively teach others to be successful in theirs.

– I have an in home studio.  I may move to a commercial space but I am undecided.  This goes back into money savings.  I don’t buy into the hype of having to have everything that everyone else has.  I don’t always have the newest version of photoshop, the new lenses or the new cameras.  If it isn’t broken, why fix it?  So many people focus so much on the next new thing that they don’t focus enough on actually making money and being able to have enough money aside to retire and to buy a home, etc.  I do spend on things for fun like vacations and fun props but I am also very practical.

– I am a night owl.  I edit overnight and deal with business during the day.

– I am happily married and have been with my spouse for 10 years come this January!


I may add more to this section later as more things occur to me!  Thanks for reading and getting to know me!

Oh and finally…. let loose and don’t take life too seriously… even if your pictures are blurry!



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