SOLD OUT!! November 13-15 Tampa, FL Creative Maternity & Business Workshop

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Limited to 12 students!  Sold out!!  See the details for our Nov 21-23 workshop here

Alicia D’Amico of Pure Emotions Photography is offering a unique experience in Tampa, Florida from November 13th through November 15th of 2015.  In this interactive, hands on workshop, Alicia will take her students through a journey of self discovery and explore the limitless possibilities of creating unique art that will set you apart from others in your area.  Alicia will connect the dots from marketing yourself to building unique concepts to selling the client on your vision and making it their vision as well.

We will be having special giveaways and select vendors will be giving all class participants discount codes to their shops!

The following are just some of the things we will be covering in this intense 3 day workshop.

– It all starts with the belly bump.  Get the moms excited to get their pictures taken by you and practically guarantee yourself the newborn booking as well.

– Creative and Conceptual Maternity Imagery

– Studio and outdoor shooting

– Studio, natural, and night time lighting  (See list of recommended items to bring below)

– How to market yourself to get inquiries

-How to convert the inquiries into bookings

-How to find inspiration, turn it into a concept, and execute it!

– Maternity shoot with husband and child if available

– How to gain the trust of your clients so that you can create the kind of images that speak to your heart as an artist

– Alicia will do a portfolio review and assessment of each student before the workshop and discuss the strengths/ weaknesses she sees in your portfolio if you elect to participate in this part.  (Not required)

AND so much more!!!

Who is this workshop good for?

This workshop is good for anyone who has a basic understanding of how to use their camera and wants to learn how to take their business to the next level or even propel it off the ground.  We will cover so many topics that can help anyone from a beginner to a more experienced photographer.

What should I bring with me?

Gear – What you bring is up to you and the experience you want to have.  Since the majority of this workshop will be very hands on, we suggest you bring a camera and a couple of lenses if you have them.  This way you can use your own equipment to photograph the models.

Light – We will be doing some night time shooting during one of the evenings and if you have external flashes, I suggest you bring them.  If you don’t have external flashes, then you can borrow mine if you shoot Canon.   If you don’t shoot Canon and don’t have external flashes, then you can use my camera and flashes when it’s your turn just to get a feel for it and still be able to participate!

Other stuff – You may want to bring your laptop if you have one and memory card reader (and memory cards to shoot on.)  This way you can back up your images and look at them throughout the course.  This is not a requirement but is recommended if you want.

Notebook and pen to take notes.

Okay, I am interested!  How much is this going to cost and how do I sign up?

Alicia has mentored large groups of people in the corporate world, performed as a public speaker for outreach groups and held many 1:1 workshops throughout her career.  Since this will be her first group workshop for Maternity & Business, she is offering this jam packed 3 day course for only $500 per student. (Travel and meals not included).  To sign up you will need to sign a contract and pay a $200 retainer.  The balance of $300 is due by October 13th, 2015.   THE BEST PART?   Education and workshops are completely tax deductible!  Save your receipts and you can write off the workshop itself, your food, rental car expenses, flight, hotel expenses and most trip related costs (parking at the airport, etc.)

Email to sign up!



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