Underwater FAQ for Photographers

I needed a place to put information for photographers where I can easily link so that I don’t have to type it out a hundred times a day.  Hopefully this will answer most of the questions that photographers have about how we do our underwater shoots.

What made me decide to pursue underwater photography

I’ve always wanted to!  I travel a TON.. see my “Get to know me” section!  And every time I travel, I find an excuse to get in the water and scuba dive or helmet dive or swim in underground caves.  About 5 years ago, I was swimming in a cenote in Mexico and I said to my wife, “I’d die to photograph clients in one of these!”   Well, a client booked me to shoot their wedding in Mexico and it was only about an hour away from an amazing cenote.  So, I made a deal with the wedding couple that they would have to give up a day of their honeymoon to come and do a shoot with me.  I decided I didn’t want to rent but instead wanted to buy the gear so that I could commit fully to combine my love of exploring the sea with photography.


I shoot with my Canon 5D MK III and Canon 16-35 2.8 lens.

I use Ikelite underwater housing and Ikelite underwater strobes.  The ones you will need will depend on which camera body you need to put in the housing.  Googling this will provide you the answers you need for your specifications.

Where do we shoot

I prefer to shoot in natural spring water.  It’s easier on the client’s eyes to do open eye photos.  It’s also generally better visibility but this is not always the case as springs have a lot of dirt, rocks and debris that do get kicked up and are a pain to edit out.  Also a private pool would have the advantage of being private.  The locations we shoot at generally have hundreds of other people there in the water and this makes the water murky and also increases my time spent in Photoshop editing random people out.

How do we stay under the water

I use weight belts and weight vests and snorkeling gear.  We will be using scuba gear soon when we do deeper dives with clients!

How do the clients stay under the water

The clients do a series of breathing exercises that I teach them and they mimic what I am doing until we get comfortable.  They take a lot of breaks and there is a lot of hilarity, frustration and trial and error.

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I have a feeling I’ll be adding more to this as more questions come at me. 🙂  Hope this helped!

Underwater Maternity
Underwater Maternity

2 thoughts on “Underwater FAQ for Photographers

  1. So amazing that technology has come so far that someone with such talent can be so creative with photography. Completely amazing by your work and always look forward to your posts.


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