Student Testimonials

We would love for you to see our testimonials/reviews from past students so that you can see their firsthand experiences with taking a course with us.







“We spent an action packed three days learning about business, posing, lighting, stylizing a photo session, and editing. Alicia’s attention to detail was most impressive and it so valuable to observe her thought process while she put together multiple stylized shoots. She is truly creative! I really found her business advice to be invaluable! I’m ready to revamp my pricing and marketing after this workshop!Alicia puts her heart and soul into her teaching and takes a sincere interest in her students. Not everyone can be a “teacher”! I really think Alicia had exceptional abilities to connect with others and truly seems interested in personally helping them to become better photographers. It was an amazing workshop!”   – Connie Mintz

“The Pure Emotions photography workshop was in a single word…. PHENOMENAL!! It was absolutely jam packed with educational information about all aspects of creating/sustaining a successful photography business. As well as numerous opportunities to shoot models in unique locations that showed a lot of planning that when into the workshop. Alicia and Latanya are a dynamic duo that work so seamlessly together it’s fabulous to watch. I would highly recommend this workshop to all photographer aspiring to be more creative in their approach to portraits. Am hoping to be able to participate in another workshop next year as well!! Thanks Alicia for being so open and honest through the whole workshop your obvious passion for not only photogrpahy but the connections you create with your clients and us attendees is unparalleled!!”  – Sabrina Palmieri-Garcia

“Alicia is extremely talented and creative. It’s great to see people thinking outside the box, creating works of art and not just a snapshot. Her creativity and passion is inspiring to others. I left the workshop with a newfound confidence! ”  – Ariel Rodriquez

“be prepared for an informational maternity bootcamp!! Great marketing strategies!” Barbara Gallardo

“Alicia’s creativity is something to bottle up and sell. She has worked very hard at being the best! She is inspirational, motivational, and beyond knowledgeable about what she is teaching others. She is a true educator who puts her all into the growth of her students. She even remains accessible online to continue our educational experience with her.” – Maria Fonesca

“Alicia puts a lot of time and energy into preparing shoots, and it shows. The quality of each shoot was superb. The learning opportunities at each shoot were endless, and somehow she was able to fit all that into 2 days of shooting. It was exhilarating. Also, the glimpse into a pro’s workflow was fascinating and advantageous. ”  – Melissa Wagoner

“The maternity workshop by Pure Emotions Photography was an outstanding experience. We had three full days combined with classroom type learning and hands-on photo shoots. Alicia is an excellent teacher who is very hard working, personable and able to adjust plans at a moments notice. I learned a lot over three days and would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to take their maternity photography to the next level!”  – Michael Scott

“Do it!!! If you are thinking about investing in one of Alicia’s workshops you will not be disappointed! Alicia worked very well under pressure and gave 100% throughout her workshop. I felt like a completely new person after leaving the workshop. An eye opening experience that will help me for the rest of my life. ”  – Rosemary Iguina

“If you are looking for a workshop that will kick your butt visually, mentally and physically; then Alicia D’amico’s workshop is for you. She provides a wealth of knowledge, experience and sweetness. If that even a word. She is incredibly giving and thoughtful. You will walkaway from your workshop feeling, inspired, confident, knowledgable and ready to kick ass at what you love.”  – Cherie Archer

“This workshop was beyond amazing. My mind was blown the first day and we didn’t even pick up a camera!!!! Alicia puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does and it shows in her photography. She taught us to dig deep down and find that inner emotion and how to bring it into our pictures. She helps you to look at things in a different way, a different light. We laughed, we cried…… you can’t help to feel connected to her! She went above and beyond what anyone would have thought coming into this workshop! If there was one workshop that you just had to do, this is the one and Alicia is the girl! I am so unbelievable grateful to have gotten to know her and to now have her as part of my photography family/friends. Thanks you Alicia for just being YOU! ”  – Shayne Casto

“This is a great course for anyone just entering photography or anyone still new to concepts, lighting and marketing. Alicia is boring by no means! Fast-paced speaker who can deliver her vision through words alone and is extremely passionate about everyone and everything. No details go unnoticed. Stepping into her atmosphere you’re immediately immersed into warmth and welcome and made to feel right at home. From beginning to end you are overwhelmed with knowledge, you definitely will not regret participating in her workshop.”  – Ashley Lavallee

“I can’t begin to describe what a phenomenal experience taking a workshop from Alicia was/is. She has years of experience as an artist and businesswoman and is extremely passionate about her craft. A true professional, Alicia tirelessly gave of herself everyday. We crammed at least 40 hours of education into 3 days and Alicia never wavered in her attention or commitment to her students. Several wrenches were thrown at us, weather being one, and Alicia worked through them proving her ability to think on the fly and still provide us with an amazing experience. I can’t recommend her highly enough! In fact, I’m already signed up for another workshop in Puerto Rico and NYC with her!”  –  Ann Jessup

“If you are considering taking this course, I would do it again! If you want to learn about OCF then definitely GO! If you want to learn to streamline your photoshop flow and learn some valuable tricks -definietly GO! ”  – Liz Delorme

“Alicia’s workshop is absolutely amazing, you will be blown away with so much that you will learn with her. She is the sweetest person ever, Alicia does not hold back any information, she truly cares about each and everyone of her students and will take her time to answer all of our questions. ” – Viviana Gutierrez



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